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The feeling we had as breeders (Felisbela and Luis Baptista), when we started breeding, was an enormous passion for Boxers and the curly haired Dautchung breed.

As early as 1993 we developed that passion by registering our title " DE QA AL LUZ ". This word, ethimologically, derives from the place Queluz where we are located.

Our first acquisition was "Arima" (known to us as "Clyde") a fawn female Boxer. Around the same time, 1990, we bought a beautiful brindle male Boxer whose name was "Varly". He was the son of the International Work Champion "Pacha de La Vallée d'Oulja". He stayed with us for 10 years.

During our time as breeders we have learned many things about the breeds and we have tried to improve and better our dogs. To achieve this we have imported some excellent females from international breeders to Portugal.

In 1991, in Portugal, we bought a fawn female Boxer whose name was "Ina do Casal de Paúves".

In December 1992, we imported an excellent female fawn, whose name was "Tootsie V. H. Slaghek", from the Dutch international breeder "Leo Van Os". She has already been Portuguese Champion and has produced, by stud, some important Boxer males, such as "Uber del Roxius".

In 2000, as a Veteran, she won first place at the Special Boxer Show in Amadora.

In 1998 we decided to buy and introduce some new blood and we bought the fawn female Boxer "Aura Vom Weiten Land", from one of the best German breeders. It has studded with some excellent male boxers like Champion "Tabor Von Bispus" and Champion "Oliver della Terra Selvaggia".

At this time we feel we have achieved our objectives as a result of the birth of "Ivan de Qa Al Luz" from "Aura Vom Weiten Land" and "Tabor Von Bispus". He is our main reproducer and we have already had some excellent results, namely some beautiful quality Boxer Babies with excellent heads like the father.

To finish this little story about our boxers, we can't forget our beautiful fawn lady "Lola de Qa Al Luz". She promises to be an excellent reproducer, not only because of her character, but also because she has three world champions in her pedigree.

As we said at the beginning we are also fand of another breed, and have been producing curly haired Dautschungs for some time.

We also wished to use good blood and we feel we succeeded in this when we bought from the "Quinta d'Abroeira" stock, in our opinion the best breeder of Dautschungs in Portugal.

Our first female was "Sapatilha d'Aquém e d'Além Mar", and the second "Olé Olé da Quinta d'Abroeira". These females have been our major reproducers.

We produced a Portuguese Champion named "Flesha de Qa Al Luz" from the stud between "Olé Olé da Quinta d'Abroeira" and "Fantástico della Val Vezzeno". Unfortunately, she died early and, naturally, we are still very sad about this.

We are continuing to exercise our expertise gained during this time, but not in a professional way, as we don't have the quantity, but we do have excellent breeder quality.

Thank you very much for visiting our website and congratulations for having such good taste in liking Boxers and curly haired Dautschungs.

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